Top 10 eCommerce Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

July 13th 2021

You may have a great product that is sure to wow the crowd out there. But how will the people know that you have something great if you don't proclaim it? And that is what marketing is all about.

Marketing is all about how you say something and what you say when you want to clarify how great your product is and why the people out there should purchase it.

Marketing is the set of activities and processes for generating, communicating, bringing, and trading products and services which hold clients, customers, associates, and the community at large. Marketing starts with researching and stretches out to promoting, selling, advertising, and distributing your products or services.

In short, marketing begins by asking your target customers who they are, what they require, and what they care about.

The importance of having the right marketing strategy is profound, and many business owners are yet to uncover the magic a solid marketing strategy can entail to their business. 

Think of having a marketing strategy as a road map or a vision board to your business that takes you through every vital business choice you put together.

But what is the importance of a marketing strategy in your business?

In a nutshell, the marketing strategy you choose should emphasize the course of action to attain your business's specific objectives and goals. 

There are various marketing kinds in existence that you can adapt to fit your goals and objectives better. Amongst the many types of marketing, digital marketing is one of the fast-growing areas that are extremely important to understand if you are a small business owner. 

If you fail to identify the significance of a marketing strategy and don't fully incorporate digital marketing into your marketing map, then the following are the outcomes:

  • Being behind your competitors by a large margin
  • Lesser visibility to customers
  • Giving away your share of the market to the growing and existing competitors
  • Losing opportunities for improved optimization
  • Actual demand for the product becomes unknown, which affects the pricing of products
  • Less knowledge about market trends and behavior for your products

Digital marketing is not a traditional concept yet a very effective one, but many businesses don't apportion sufficient resources to give you a treasure chest of opportunities. 

It is an indisputable fact that online marketing has so many benefits and churns out more eCommerce sales from your potential customers. 

One of the most imperative advantages of digital marketing is that it is the most cost-effective way to market your business. Contrary to the traditional form of marketing, you don't need any ad space to host your business advertisements, giving great monetary relief to small businesses with constrained budgets. 

While larger enterprises may have sufficient ad-space funds, small businesses can resort to affordable digital marketing strategies and reap more for their marketing expenses.

Traditional marketing strategies also come with a range of unknown costs, making your budget go overboard. Time is the only cost to digital marketing since strategies such as SEO, content marketing, and social media engagement may take quite a while to unveil their power. 

But if you want quick and visible results, digital marketing offers you other strategies such as pay-per-click, display, and social media advertising. And best part is these alternative digital marketing strategies still cost cheaper than traditional marketing tactics.

Top 10 eCommerce Marketing Mistakes to avoid 

It should be clear to you now the various benefits of digital marketing to your eCommerce business. The magic of digital marketing will instantly transform the way that your business can accomplish the goals you desire to achieve. 

Digital marketing is the best way to connect with your target market, given the significant increase in internet users across the globe, and their quest for products and brands just as yours.

Being a growing industry, the eCommerce business world is often fiddly and full of hurdles. Each passing day, a new setback may crop up with the ever-increasing popularity of online shopping. 

The algorithms of various social media applications undergo many changes, making it extremely difficult to reach and engage with your market.  

Over the past few years, there have been profound changes in the way business is marketed. The trial and error with planning and eCommerce marketing mistakes have ruined many marketing strategies. We have researched hard and compiled below a list of the top 10 eCommerce marketing mistakes you need to avoid for a successful marketing campaign.

1. Not knowing who is your Target audience

A reason for the booming success of the eCommerce business is the convenience interconnectivity offers. You can sit at your home and easily shop for authentic pieces from all over the world. But, a lot of eCommerce websites make a grave mistake of not identifying their target customers.

Even if your products are already popular on a wide variety of audiences, you still have to identify the right customers to market your business to. And you still need to find new clients and get more business from the existing ones. This determines the techniques you use to market your product.

A correctly targeted audience can enhance sales considerably. Make sure to spend the time and resources to analyze your customers and know the demographics of your audience as well as to measure how your competitors are mapping their customers and reaching out to target consumers. 

This will give you a more in-depth insight on how to make your business more attractive or even exceptional. You may also use various analytics techniques to find data about the customers' likes, so your content can better resonate with them.

2. Improper Product Description 

As the name suggests, a product description explains to your customer what your product is, its features, and what benefits your customers derive from using it. If you don't provide the right information that your customer expects, they may feel frustrated. 

Similarly, another mistake to avoid while drafting the product description is using tricky and fancy words. Always remember to present the necessary information in simple and easy-to-comprehend terms. 

Since you will not be physically present in an online shop to answer your customer's queries, a product description is a rescue here as it often responds to your prospective customer’s queries about your products. 

Therefore, remember to include all the features and benefits of the product while writing a product description. An appealing product description with all the product's features and benefits to the targeted customers is always a boon.

3. Not Using Social Proof

The world, nowadays, is revolving around social media. From elders to toddlers, everyone's day begins and ends in social media. So, it is no surprise the impact social media has on a business. It is naturally crucial to link your company to all the social media applications to let the world know your customers rave about your products.

This increases the sales of your product, especially in a very competitive market. Methods of augmenting your social proof include collaborations, peer reviews, influencer marketing, vines, and much more.  

Unless you establish a robust social presence, you will lose out on banking in popularity and geographic strengths, giving a significant drawback.

Audiences are much innovative now and can easily detect marketing gimmicks. Therefore, being active in social media, particularly with a distinct goal, is unavoidable and indispensable.

4. Poor Customer Service

Marketing strategies influence the behavior of the sales and demand for your products. When your marketing strategies are directed at your target customers efficiently, your customers will surely return.

To secure a new customer and turn them into a regular is directly tied to how they are treated. Not paying attention on customer service is one of the typical eCommerce marketing mistakes. Ensuring that your customers are content with your product confirms the reputation of your business.

Build a strong customer care team dedicated to answering your customers' queries, pay heed to their reviews, and help them out with their deliveries to give them a complete and contented shopping experience.

5. Poor user experience

Like how customers feel unpleasant in a crowded shop with buzzing people, they experience the same feeling in a website loaded with too many pop-ups or advertisements. It is necessary to ensure that the interface of your website is neat and clean without any glitches. 

Also, speed has become a great factor in customer’s website experience in recent years. So much so, that an average user’s patience only lasts 2-3 seconds before they bounce off your site as shown by reports. So you may want to speed up your site if it’s taking time to load your pages. 

ECommerce markets being enormous and widespread can overlook the needs and desires of your buyers. Customers will carry a pessimistic notion and dissipate the same to fellow customers. They would not be interested in visiting your site if they have experienced a negative and unflattering performance.

6. Poor Experience in Mobile Devices

Mobile is all that you need to rock the world out there at present. The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word 'online shopping' is a good mobile. Studies show that a higher number of consumers are users who access through mobile or tabs. In short, hand-held devices are a prerequisite for shopping.

Therefore, if your website is not mobile-friendly for any budding online store, it can be a significant collapse. A user-friendly interface and layout for a phone are imperative when the desktop-only configuration of applications can be infuriating. 

The simple solution to this is to make your website compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. An optimized mobile design is more receptive than a desktop design. Your website’s developers can easily optimize it using an auto-resize function that makes the design flexible and easy to use.

Points to remember:

  • Everything is mobile now. When did you last log in to your desktop to purchase something? Not many prefer to use desktops for online shopping since people now have the world under their fingers. Therefore, if you have an online presence, make sure to have mobile-friendly sites and apps, depending on your need. You can also opt for sponsored ad spots on frequently accessed social media platforms that are often accessed by your target consumers on their mobile devices. 
  • Optimize your website for mobile devices. With the increase in popularity of smartphones, almost all website designers provide the necessary optimizations for both desktop and mobile. Posting your products on a website is more than enough, and often, an app is not required. The alternative is to have your website optimized for mobile devices as websites usually have a disorganized feel in mobile. 

7. Poor Content Marketing Efforts

Being in trend is vital, but a road often beat leads to boredom. This is precisely what many businesses fall prey to by creating the same and dull content. 

Creating engaging content helps to retain visitors and boost your sales. Ensure you have a personal connection to your content to help build brand image and drive traffic to your website. 

Points to remember:

  • Content is king - use it wisely. Among the many eCommerce marketing mistakes, one can make, creating the wrong content for the wrong audience is the basic one. Creating content for the wrong audience or narcissistic content is a big boo. Sit and brainstorm ideas to use engaging mediums and diversify across various mediums. Add CTA (call to action) buttons to increase engagement quotient. 
  • Video content. Video content is the next big thing these days. It may seem menacing at first, but you are now the next viral star with a few passing hours and some retakes. Popular platforms can be tapped to make fun and engaging content that connects with your audience instantly. The critical thing to remember is to not overlook your brand and products' purpose and essence while creating video content.

8. Poor Email Marketing Automation Setup

Old is definitely gold, and one of the traditional marketing methods is email marketing that still holds high relevance to date. Traditional email marketing has an advanced ROI and generates high conversion rates when deployed correctly. 

The mistake that many online businesses succumb to is the struggle of automation and thus, spamming the consumers. 

So you may want to segment your audience into distinct groups and personalize the emails to send across the right message to the right audience.

Another tip is to categorize and personalize emails, this makes customers want to open them. Don’t forget to the linked to your website in your emails for a seamless customer experience. 

Email marketing automation tools

Thankfully, this traditional marketing system has many automation tools that can be used for various purposes such as email segmentation, stock alerts, shopping cart reminders, and much more to convert visits into actual sales. 

A great way to create personal connection with your customers is to use automation tools to trigger wishes, special discount codes, etc. to your customers.

9. Poor Social Media Management

Managing your social media is a crucial element to connect the link between your brand and the customers. Customers often ping and tag your brand in all possible social media forums.

Their words and reviews become the voice of your business, and thus, you need to ensure they are all satisfied as one wrong move can shatter your social proof. Try forming different strategies for different platforms based on the engagement rates to reap the best of all. 

Points to remember:

  • Not consistent. Consistency is a prime factor for any project's success, and unsurprisingly, your social media campaign has to be consistent to make your brand one of a kind. Maintain consistency in terms of posting every day, color scheme, mood, vibes, and engagement.
  • Not knowing your Target customers. Every social media is different about the engagement rate and reach. Therefore, understanding each social media platform's demographic and knowing your target audience would enhance your campaign results multi-fold and save your money.

10. Not Analyzing the Results of Your Efforts

What is a good marketing strategy without a system for evaluation and analytics? Hours of efforts and energy for many businesses go into the drain as they do not create room to analyze their campaigns' results. 

It is necessary to keep improvising on your means to market, and that includes evaluating the results of your strategies. Any ancient techniques or previous methods that did not work well with your consumers must be changed immediately to suit your consumers' mood.

Also, a technique that worked for your competitor may not work for you, so always create a unique marketing strategy that is suitable for your business.

Setup analytics 

Analytics is the next big thing, and setting up one for your marketing strategies is simple. With analytics, you can set up to get real-time results or chronic analysis that will impact your campaign a big way. Combine your data with SEO optimizations and sky-rocket your sales.


It's essential to have a sound digital marketing strategy before diving into creating and disseminating ad campaigns. Know and understand your business goals before starting your digital marketing strategies to align with your objectives. 

ECommerce websites have many drawbacks that can be easily prevented. Now that you know about the possible mistakes that are likely to happen, stay organized and detail-oriented, it's tough to go off beam.

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