Why Do So Many People Not Know About Gatsby Web Development?

February 8th 2023

One interesting thing about Gatsby web development that not many people may know is that Gatsby uses a technique called "code splitting" to optimize the performance of the website. Code splitting allows Gatsby to only load the code that is necessary for a particular page, rather than loading all of the code for the entire website at once. This results in faster loading times, especially for larger websites, as the browser doesn't have to download and parse unnecessary code.

Additionally, Gatsby allows developers to use GraphQL to retrieve data from a variety of sources, including APIs, databases, and file systems. This means that Gatsby websites can pull in data from multiple sources and combine them into a single GraphQL schema, making it easy to build dynamic and data-driven websites.

Another little-known aspect of Gatsby development is that it has strong support for offline functionality. Gatsby uses a service worker to cache resources and enable offline access to the website, making it possible for users to access the website even when they don't have an internet connection. This can be especially useful for websites that are designed for use in areas with poor or intermittent internet connectivity.

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