Why We Choose To Use Gatsby To Build Websites

October 7th 2020

Gatsby logo
Gatsby logo

Peace of mind.

That’s the non-technical reason why we choose to create websites with Gatsby.


That’s the technical reason why we moved to Gatsby.

Ever since we started using Gatsby, it made our developer lives easier and happier.

Migrating From WordPress to Gatsby

We’ve been using WordPress in creating marketing websites and landing pages for our projects for many years.

(So we’d like to extend our sincere thanks to its creators because without it, we would not be here today.)

Please don’t get us wrong, WordPress is still one of the best tools in making websites and blogs. And WordPress has integration with Gatsby. Heck, Gatsby integrates with a lot of services, like Shopify, Intercom, Stripe, etc.

Our biggest pain point in using WordPress is optimizing for speed. If you’ve been making websites in WordPress, then you know how complicated it is to optimize for site speed.

(Or maybe we just didn’t know better.)

After learning and playing around with Gatsby, one by one, we gradually migrate each of our WordPress project to Gatsby.

GatsbyJS, or Gatsby JS, is an open source web development tool for creating blazing fast websites and apps.

In Gatsby, site optimization is built-in. And we fell in love with the Gatsby Image plugin. Gone are the days when we struggle on how to optimize and compress our images.

The creator of Gatsby, Kyle Mathews, previously worked at Pantheon, a WebOps platform for Drupal and WordPress websites. So maybe he knows a thing or two about how challenging it is to optimize WordPress.

According to Mathews:

“We want to ensure that whatever you build with Gatsby will always be lightning quick and that development will be fun and fast.”

Speed is not the only thing that we love about Gatsby. Their documentation is one of the best in the open source community.

There are so many things that we are happy with Gatsby.

Of course, Gatsby is not the be-all and end all of website development.

For us, we hope that Gatsby will stay here for a long time; and that more people will use it to build websites.

Soon, we’ll give back or contribute something to the Gatsby community.

Thank you, Kyle, for creating Gatsby. And to the awesome Gatsby team.

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